Most Popular Genres

Despite the advent of digital technology, books remain one of the most popular mediums for both content creation and consumption. This is because of their unique ability to tell a vast range of stories unrestricted by any real-world constraints such as financial budget or time. Writing a book requires only a pen or a keyboard, whereas consuming one needs just a book and one’s own limitless imagination. It can be considered as a long epic film that plays in one’s mind. But if books were simply about the same thing over and over again, they would get boring really quickly. Hence a book can be written in a wide variety of styles and genres that appeals to different people and moods.

Some of the most popular genres in books are:

1) Classics

Most people come across classics as mandatory reading during their English class in school. Still, they were important to develop the foundation of how books are written today. For example, Tolkien’s imaginative storytelling in Lord of the Rings revitalized a new generation of the fantasy genre, and is considered to be a classic. Most classics remain so because they stood the test of time and were deemed to be groundbreaking at the time of their publication.

2) Crime, Detective, and Mystery

It has been said, “Curiosity killed the cat”, and that is nowhere more apparent than in the crime genre. It usually tells morbid stories of death, destruction, and the darker side of human nature. Finding the culprit in a crime scene is something that even the viewer can participate in based on the clues the author leaves around in the story. Hence the crime genre can be written in creative and unique ways. Sherlock Holmes remains one of the most popular characters in the world.

3) Romance

Nothing appeals to the human heart as much as true romance. Romeo and Juliet’s classic tragedy is often put forth as one of the most well-known stories. A good romance story is fulfilling both for the heart and the soul.

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